We have a variety of different book series which appeal to a range of seekers including:

· Author’s Series – these are our own Spiritbrew authors, they are inspirational writers sharing their wisdom and insights in elegant ways that helps today’s spiritual seeker to move more quickly forwards in their quest for love, peace and happiness.

· Library Series – We are not just writers we are readers and as seekers we were guided by the books we read. The library series includes some of the very best spiritual books ever written, the same books that we found most useful in our wonderful journey to here. Our books have been produced for ease of reading to more readily illuminate your life and to grace your bookshelf.

The trouble we found as seekers ourselves is that the landscape of books is hard to navigate and at times treacherous. One thing that we came to realize is that most of the contemporary spiritual books are really rehashes of earlier classics and the light is brightest nearest the source.

Another thing that we realized is that as you read, the landscape opens-up, and one book leads to 10 more. It’s easy to get lost and for our seeking to become a destination rather than a path.

With all this in mind we decided to re-issue new editions of the very best spiritual books ever written. We have organized these into different series that are topic focused. We also provide roadmaps for readers that support different ways. Best of all we are developing some simple and fun tools for helping you find the very best books for you.

Did I say best of all, well thinking about it I was a little premature because the best thing is that we give free access to this library to all members of the Spiritbrew community.

When I say free, I don’t mean free access to paid up members I mean free, nothing to pay ever, and free access to everyone. In fact, when you join the community we will give you whichever book you want and you can have it in the electronic format you like for your device there and then.

The library is made up of the following series:

· Spiritual Classics

· Yoga Classics

· New Thought

· Prosperity

· Personal Power

· Meditation & Self Inquiry

Spiritual Classics Library

This series includes new editions of some of the all-time spiritual classics and includes titles as diverse as: The Baghavad Gita, Hermann Hesse’s Siddartha, The Kybalion, The Cloud of Unknowing, Thomas a Kempis’ Imitations of Christ, Cosmic Consciousness, The Tao Ching, Confessions of Saint Augustine and the Autobiography of a Yogi. The one thing they have in common is that they are timeless. There’s not a book in this list that won’t enrich. There’s not a title here that any serious seeker can afford to neglect.

Yoga Classics

There is much being written today about yoga and more and more people are discovering the benefits and deep wisdom of this ancient spiritual way. Every day a new book comes out, but most of these neglect the true breadth and depth of yoga and instead focus on the more superficial aspects of practice.

This series introduces a modern audience to the timeless yoga classics that seamlessly opens the depths and breadths of this ancient wisdom.

New Thought

There was an explosion of awakening awareness that started just over 100 years ago and continues to direct many of the modern spiritual movements and schools of thought. The range and number of books that were written by New Thought writers is staggering. For the uninitiated, the sheer number of books is overwhelming and a real challenge for even the most dedicated of seekers to sort the wheat from the chaff.

In this new series, we present revised editions of the very best books by the most insightful and eloquent New Thought writers.


The universe is abundant and there are some simple universal principles that if embraced will bring anyone into alignment. These principles have been known for thousands of years and yet few people embrace them. Over the last few decades there has been renewed interest in these ancient ideas and recent books like the secret barely scratch the surface of the prosperity landscape.

For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to collect the very best writings on prosperity in a single collection so that a modern reader can equip themselves to find the prosperity that flows from aligning with the universe rather than standing in its way.

Personal Power

Personal power is a series of timeless self-help classics that focus on helping readers to live authentically and with action.

Meditation & Self Inquiry

Meditation and self-inquiry have been the key tools used by mystics down the ages in their successful pursuit of enlightenment. More than just being tools, they are a way. This library goes back to the timeless wisdom and reissues selected works from those masters who achieved enlightenment using meditation and self-inquiry. As much as things on the outside change, that which is within is timeless. These new editions of the classic books in this field bring that truth to a modern audience with beautiful words and timeless wisdom.