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We are here to help seekers find what they are looking for. We do that by connecting you with the right inspirational books, events and content that will help you with the love, peace and happiness that you have been seeking.

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What we do

What do we do:

We exist for one thing and one thing only, to enable spiritual seekers to bring an end to their seeking. In other words we want to turn seekers into finders. We know that there are many ways to achieve the peace, love and happiness that we all seek. However, different people resonate with different ways. We help you to find the way that works for you and we help you to navigate you own unique path to awakening.

Our mission is to raise the vibrational level of the planet one book, one seeker, one seminar and one new friend at a time.

We live from a place of abundance, we know that if we help our readers and writers get what they need we too will get what we need; which in the end is to help you find what you seek.

How we do this

We help people in the following key ways:

1. We share the very best free books, content, tools and courses that explore and educate our readers on the topics that are closest to their hearts. We don’t give away samples, or teasers designed to get you to sign up for paid content. We share because the secret to happiness and success is in giving not getting, helping not hoarding, making friends not recruiting customers.

2. We publish inspirational and actionable books by some of the world’s best spiritual and motivational thought leaders.

3. We help readers to find the books, teachers and resources that are right for them and will get them to where they want to be with less pain and more fun.

4. We run retreats, conferences and seminars that focus on helping seekers to move forwards in their search of truth, love, peace and happiness.

5. We nurture new spiritual writers and help them to connect with exactly the people that are seeking their insights.

6. We empower our writers to concentrate on their gifts and sharing by giving the right platform and giving them financial freedom so that they can maximize their gifts and make the world better one book and one event at a time.

7. We are way-showers and we help seekers by getting them to look at what we point to we turn seekers into finders.

7. We are way-showers and we help seekers by getting them to look at what we point to we turn seekers into finders.